Garcinia Cambogia FAQ

What Exactly is Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia Cambogia is basically a fruit that is grown in the East India area and shaped a lot like a pumpkin, only it’s much smaller in size and its skin has a more yellow color. Today the extract that comes from the fruit rind is called hydroxycitric acid (or HCA) and is said to be an effective way to suppress one’s appetite and help burn fat.

What Does Garcinia Cambogia Do?

Garcinia Cambogia extract, or HCA, is said to slow the production of specific enzymes in the body that are associated with creating fat. With these enzymes inhibited the expectation is that your body will burn any extra carbohydrates you have in a day rather than storing them. With no extra carbs remaining little is left to create fat. The extract is also said to help suppress individuals’ appetites, making them feel fuller when eating less. These claims are not currently supported by the FDA.

Are There Side Effects When Using Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia Cambogia is the topic of a bit of controversy when it comes to different side effects. Some articles you may read state that the supplement has no side effects and can be used safely, while other articles show that individuals using the extract had minor side effects. Some minor side effects that have been recorded include nausea, stomach discomfort, and headaches and migraines. So far no major side effects of the extract have been reported.

Is Garcinia Safe for Pregnant Women?

There is insufficient research on the side effects of pregnant women taking Garcinia Cambogia, so there’s not enough evidence to say whether it is safe or unsafe for these women. Like most unknowns it’s best to just avoid using the extract while pregnant until further information is release.

Can I Take the Garcinia Cambogia Extract When Breasts Feeding?

Like with any other dietary supplement a woman who is breast-feeding should not take the Garcinia extract without first consulting a physician or herbalist. There is insufficient data on studies with breast-feeding women taking the Garcinia Cambogia extract. Some individuals claim that breast-feeding women should not use the extract simply due to the fact that there’s extra nutrition needed during these times of breast feeding.

Does Garcinia Cambogia Extract Work?

This is another question that brings up much controversy when referring to the HCA extract. There are a number of articles you can find which claim Garcinia Cambogia is the greatest thing in the world and will work for anyone. On the contrary there are also a number of articles claiming that Garcinia Cambogia does not work and is a waste of money. As far as I can tell, after doing my own research, there are a couple of such products on the market that may help individuals with their weight loss issues, but they are quality supplements that contain at least 60% pure HCA extract and very little fillers.

Why Does Dr. Oz Promote Garcinia Extract?

The best answer to this question would be because he knows it works. Unfortunately this is not the case. Dr. Oz is a television celebrity, and as such he obviously gets paid to promote products. Garcinia Cambogia extract just happened to be one of those products. Dr. Oz is a famous TV personality who used to make appearances frequently on the Oprah Winfrey show, and the suggestions on health and healthcare products that he’s given over the years have helped push the whole nation in certain directions regarding health. If you look at Dr. Oz’s website and the articles regarding Cambogia extract you will see he doesn’t actually endorse any of the products made with Garcinia Cambogia, just the product itself. Why you would endorse a product but not anyone actually making it is a mystery to me.

Which Garcinia Supplements are the Best?

There are literally hundreds of dietary supplements containing the Garcinia Cambogia extract on store shelves today. Deciding which one is right for you, or even works at all, can be difficult. One thing to look for when choosing a Garcinia supplement is how much of the actual extract is contained in the supplement. Most researchers state that for the extract to be effective it needs to be at least 50% pure HCA. Many of the extracts in stores today contain much less amounts of HCA and are filled with bulking agents and filler to make up the rest of the supplement. If you choose to use the HCA supplement, read the ingredients and make sure you’re getting the best quality Garcinia Cambogia available.

What is the Recommended Dosage of HCA (Garcinia Cambogia)?

The recommended daily dosage of Garcinia Cambogia depends on a couple different factors such as your age, current health, and other issues. With the extract being fairly new on the market there is very little scientific information to help individuals determine what the actual appropriate daily dosage should be. Good old Dr. Oz shows on his site that taking 500 – 1,000 mg before each meal, but no more than a total of 3,000 mg a day, is a sufficient amount to introduce the supplement to your diet. But again, there’s no actual scientific evidence to back this up. The best thing you can do is a little personal research.

Is it True that Garcinia Cambogia (HCA) can Cause Testicular Atrophy?

Testicular atrophy is a medical condition of the male reproductive organs where the testicles actually shrink in size and, in some cases, also lose function. This is a scary thought for any man looking to introduce this dietary supplement into his diet. It has been found that testicular atrophy could occur with high doses of the Garcinia Cambogia extract, however these doses would need to exceed the maximum daily doses by a vast amount. For the supplement to be considered toxic an individual would have to consume around 1,100 mg per each kilogram of body weight a day, meaning a 75 kg individual would need to take around 7,700 mg a day to be toxic. Obviously this is much more than the suggested dose of 3,000 mg per day. If the supplement is used as directed and not taken in extreme doses, the likelihood of testicular atrophy is very minimal.

How Do I Find Garcinia Cambogia Extract?

The HCA extract has exploded across the country and can be found on the shelf of just about any supermarket or health food store today. I would be willing to bet even if you live in a small town you can go to the nearest grocery store and they will have more than one variety of the supplement on their shelf. You can find the supplement at local GNC stores as well as Fred Meyer or even Walmart. The supplement is available from corner to corner in the US and it can also be found at a number of different places online. Again, it is suggested that you do some research and only use a trusted seller when obtaining the supplement to ensure a quality product.

What are the Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia Cambogia extract contains HCA, otherwise known as hydroxycitric acid. HCA is reported to be an appetite suppressant as well as an aid in blocking fat storage from excess calories. It is recommended that the supplement be taken three times a day, approximately 30 to 60 minutes before meals. This allows the HCA to work and gives you the feeling that you are full, even if you’ve eaten just a little. A study at Georgetown University showed that individuals using the supplement with a regular exercise regimen received a 5.4% body weight reduction in around eight weeks. The supplement could also suppress your appetite, allowing you to lose weight.

Has Much Research Been Done Regarding Garcinia Cambogia?

There’s been a ton of research done on the Garcinia Cambogia extract in recent years, as it has exploded on to the supplement scene. The research findings vary widely from companies that claim the supplement is the best thing since sliced bread to other companies that claim the supplement is a sham and will only lighten your pocketbook. One thing you can find throughout the research online is that most agree that using a 60% hydroxycitric acid supplement is the only way to reap the benefits of Garcinia Cambogia. Most of the side effects you may read about cannot actually be contributed to the extract itself, but are rather the result of the fillers in bulk agents added to the supplement and diluting the amount of HCA.

What are Possible Concerns When Choosing a Garcinia Cambogia Supplement?

Although there’ve been no research studies that actually show negative side effects when it comes to pure Garcinia Cambogia, there are issues with the way the supplement is mixed and manufactured. Not all extracts are the same, and some provide a far better formula for supplements than others. A 60% HCA supplement is the only one recorded to be effective. Supplements with less than 60% HCA contain fillers and bulking agents to make up the rest of the pill or supplement, and these bulking agents and fillers can cause severe allergic reactions in some individuals. Another concern when it comes to the supplement is price. A single bottle of 60% pure Garcinia Cambogia extract should run around sixty dollars. If the supplement costs more than that it usually means there are unnecessary fillers added or that the company may just be taking advantage of the next big thing. When deciding to choose which Garcinia supplement to use remember to look for 60% pure HCA and no fillers.

Can I Lose Weight Using Garcinia Cambogia Extract?

This is a question that cannot be so simply answer. If you listen to individuals such as Dr. Oz who heavily promote the Garcinia Cambogia extract you will hear them claiming that it’s the next miracle weight loss supplement today and that the extract has proven weight loss and appetite suppressant abilities. Other individuals will lead you in the other direction, claiming that the extract is bogus or does not work. If a person was to read the directions with any weight loss supplement, they would see somewhere in the directions that “regular diet and exercise is recommended for weight loss”. Can you continue eating fast food and donuts every day and lose weight by simply introducing the supplement into your diet? The answer is no. The supplement requires a healthy diet and regular exercise for individuals to receive noticeable weight loss benefits. I know we’re all looking for that miracle pill that doesn’t require healthy eating and exercise to lose weight, but for now the search continues.

Why Would I Use Garcinia Cambogia?

Individuals in the US today are constantly faced with weight loss issues, and our country is becoming more and more obese as the fast food restaurants increase. The Garcinia extract is provided to help individuals in their journey to weight loss. The HCA extract can block certain enzymes in the body that are directly linked to fact creation. If you’re an individual looking to introduce a dietary supplement to help with weight loss issues, Garcinia Cambogia could assist you. Combining a quality HCA supplement with a healthy diet and regular exercise has shown positive weight loss results in many test cases. So if you’re an individual facing weight loss issues consult your physician and find out if the Garcinia supplement can help you.

How Much Garcinia Extract Should I Take?

There is a suggested daily dose of around 3,000 mg per individual, but this could depend on the individual’s actual health as well as current weight. A 400 pound man may need to take a higher dosage of the extract each day as compared to 120 pound woman. It is recommended that you take between 500 and 1,000 mg about an hour prior to each meal, giving the supplement time to help suppress your appetite. Some physicians may suggest a higher dosage for the first week or two as the supplement is being introduced. Like with any supplement, taking too much can have its issues. The supplement does have a toxicity dose range of about 1,100 mg per each kilogram of the individual and can cause issues such as testicular atrophy, but this was found in extreme dosage amounts. So if you stick to the directions provided by your physician or found on the bottle and consume a normal dosage then the side effects are limited to the quality of the product you purchased.

Should I be Using Garcinia Cambogia Supplements?

If you’re like many Americans looking for a better weight loss supplement, Garcinia HCA may be what you’re looking for. The extract can aid in suppressing appetite, making you feel fuller even before you eat, and it can also help burn fat as you move along throughout your day. The Garcinia supplement is a natural extract that can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Maybe you’re extremely overweight and need to drop 100 pounds, or maybe you just wish to retain the current weight you’re at. Introducing the HCA supplement alongside regular diet and exercise can assist you in achieving your goals.

What Should I Avoid When Purchasing Garcinia Cambogia Supplements?

There are some things to look out for when you decide to purchase the Cambogia extract. Many companies have just jumped on the bandwagon, selling inferior products that really have no supplemental value. You should avoid Garcinia extracts that are combined with many other ingredients as these ingredients are just fillers and can also cause allergic reactions in some individuals. The main ingredient to look out for is calcium. Adding calcium to a Garcinia supplement actually counteracts the HCA abilities and makes it less effective. Some companies provide what’s called “megadoses” of the supplement, which can reach up to 1,600 mg per dose, and claim that it’s a more effective way to receive the product. This is not the case and individuals should stick with the recommended doses taken from scientific studies, which state taking 500 mg two to three times daily is recommended and that you should never exceed 3,000 mg. When searching for Garcinia extract you should always make sure it’s at least 60% HCA and contains no fillers and other pointless ingredients. The only recommended ingredient that should be in the supplement is potassium as it helps the body absorb the HCA.

How Do I Know Which Supplement to Use?

This is a question that is not so easily answered because there are a ton of Garcinia extract supplements on the market today and it’s hard to know which ones are worthy. The best thing you can do is search for suppliers that you know and trust. You can find the supplement in a wide range of prices, but more expensive does not always mean better quality. Sometimes it just means a company is simply taking advantage of the newest consumer boom. The best thing you can do is a bit of online research to educate yourself on the supplement. You will also want to stick with supplements that have 50 to 60% pure HCA content and no fillers. You should stay away from supplements that have other ingredients such as calcium, as it actually counteracts the abilities of the HCA. The only added ingredient that you want to look for is potassium, due to its ability to help your body absorb the supplement. Like with most things it’s a personal choice on what product you will use, so do yourself a favor and get a little information on the supplement before you rush out and buy the first one on the shelf.