Top 5 Reasons to Try Garcinia Cambogia

You may have never heard of Garcinia Cambogia or, if you’re like I was a few months ago, you may have heard of it but have no idea what it really is. I’m a nutrition and fitness fanatic, so I love trying to find the best new weight loss strategy or supplement. But it’s not enough to hear everyone else saying how good it is, I have to try it for myself. That’s exactly what I did with Garcinia Cambogia, and boy am I glad that I did!

If you don’t know what it is, basically it is a supplement extract taken from the Garcinia Cambogia fruit. This fruit is found in Southeast Asia and has been used in traditional medicine and local diet for centuries. Other countries began to take notice of the powerful effects the fruit has and suddenly it is one of the top selling supplements in the United States! But there is very good reason for this popularity. Check out my top five reasons for why you should give Garcinia Cambogia a try.

You Can Get a Free Trial

The main reason people are buying and benefiting from Garcinia Cambogia is because it is a huge help in reaching weight loss goals. And when you can get a free trial of this product, what do you have to lose? The main active ingredient in the supplement is known as Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA). This ingredient promotes weight loss by speeding up your metabolism to burn old fat and preventing enzymes in your body from transforming excess carbs and calories into new fat. Garcinia Cambogia will also suppress your appetite by increasing the levels of serotonin in your body. Increased serotonin means you will not eat as much at meals and you will feel full for longer periods of time.

In addition to weight loss Garcinia Cambogia also has other healthy effects on your body, such as reducing bad cholesterol, increasing good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol), stabilizing blood pressure, preventing ulcers, and strengthening your immune system. It pretty much will improve every area of your body and health!

It is Incredibly Popular

Garcinia Cambogia extract has become so popular that you can find it in almost every local health, herb, or holistic store. Of course one of the easiest ways to purchase it is just to buy online. You can find plenty of reviews from people who have tried and seen success with the supplement. Any negative reviews are usually because individuals did not follow instructions (such as taking the wrong dosage amount or not taking it often enough). Garcinia Cambogia is also seeing popularity in the scientific community, where several researches and scientific studies have found that the hydroxycitric acid inside is very beneficial and has no side effects. Finally, it is very popular with celebrities and other health freaks

It is Endorsed by Celebrities

One of the reasons for Garcinia Cambogia’s huge jump in popularity is that it is endorsed by several different celebrities and popular figures. It started with Dr. Oz, who praised the supplement and its weight loss powers on his television show. He’s the one who started calling it the “Holy Grail of Weight Loss” and he was amazed at how beneficial the supplement is for those looking to shed the pounds and become healthier. Since his big public endorsement many other celebrities have been seeing great results with Garcinia Cambogia. Brittany Spears, Mila Kunis, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez are just a few who have used Garcinia Cambogia and loved it. Jennifer in particular has talked about how it’s a great diet cleanse and a great way to lose the weight you’ve gained through pregnancy.

It is Easy to Take

Benefiting from Garcinia Cambogia is as easy as taking just a few capsules a day before meals. The hardest part is finding the right supplement. There are many different types of the extract on the market, and unfortunately some of them don’t work as well as others. You need to make sure you are buying a supplement that is at least 50 to 60% HCA and has no artificial additives or fillers. Once you have the supplement you just need to make sure you are taking it regularly. Dr. Oz and other health experts recommend 500 to 1000mg about an hour before meals and a maximum of 3000mg in a day. See? Super easy. Just find a pure extract and take the recommended dosage and you will see amazing results!

You Don’t Even Have to Exercise

Now I’m a big advocate of exercise (particularly yoga and Pilates), so don’t think I’m saying you shouldn’t do anything else. But one of the cool things about Garcinia Cambogia is that you don’t have to do anything else to start losing weight. No workouts or exercise plans; you don’t even have to go on a diet! This is because Garcinia Cambogia is an all-natural supplement, and its ingredients (specifically the hydroxycitric acid and a few others) will do all the work for you. Just get into a regular routine of taking the pills and you will begin to notice the fat burn away.